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Thai cosmetic innovation company that has been accepted on the world stage

With the intention to develop and promote the potential in health and beauty industries of Thailand. Bringing the innovation and deep biotechnology in our research to utilize active ingredients extracted from Thai plants and herbs, in the health and beauty industry. To create outstanding results, add new value and enhance the Thai Cosmetic Brand to have a comparative advantage in the global health and beauty market and grow steadily.

Furthermore, we also develop and create new Active Ingredients from utilization the waste of other industries, such as food, canned fruit etc. In this way we are able to create new value in the health and beauty industry, and also help to reduce the waste and pollution, to preserve and restore the environment for The World Society.

In order to help entrepreneurs easily and smartly operate their business, we have developed our own platform to enhance the health and beauty industry in Thailand. We are committed to the excellence and to be the number one in the ASEAN region.

The concept of creating Blue Ocean Strategy for health and cosmetics brands

Is a concept that focuses on creating new things, instead of copying to beat competitors. Utilizing the Innovation and Deep Biotech to create and develop the extracts from Thai plants and herbs, as intellectual property (Intellectual Property: IP) for health and beauty brands. To make the brand unique and prevent the imitation, or make its copying difficult, so health and beauty brands can grow steadily.

Why is it important to develop the potential in the health and cosmetic industry?

  • To promote the health and cosmetic brands.
  • In order to create an identity and the brand uniqueness.
  • To add new value to the health and cosmetic brands and continue to grow steadily.
  • To create business bargaining power and the competitive ability of the health and cosmetic brands.
  • To help the entrepreneurs and the brand owners to manage business in a Smart manner with the latest technology and modern platform, that is easy and convenient to use.

The concept of the Supply Chain business development

"The business and organization growth will not become steadily if we only grow today."

It is our creative idea of establishing the business and organization that will grow sustainably. Today we have the belief that the business and organization edge growth will not stand if we only grow today. Quality Plus Company have chosen to focus on development the Supply Chain (business network) that includes our customers, business partners (suppliers) and the community. We do the consulting about researching extracts, and funding sources for various projects that are supported by the Thai government in order to create competitive capability and business development to make us grow together.

Leading Professional Cosmetic Manufacturers in Thailand

Quality Plus Aesthetic International Company Limited is one of the leading professional cosmetic manufacturers in Thailand with years of experience in cosmetic branding consultation service. Quality Plus has been in the cosmetic industry since 2010 and expanding the business opportunity outside Thailand through collaboration with the local entrepreneur. Quality Plus Aesthetic International Company Limited has 4 branches: in Vietnam at Ho Chi Minh City, Cambodia at Phnom Penh, China at Zhengzhou, Henan and Head Office at Bangkok, Thailand.

 Our manufacturing facility covers 1.6-acre land and over 1,500 square meters meant for the operating area located in Pathumthani, Thailand.  We implement and utilize the latest high-tech manufacturing equipment from Italy and dedicated professional staff, which includes sales and marketing officers, production engineers, quality control chemists and cosmetic chemists who operating in both research & development and manufacturing, to ensure that the operational process runs accordingly to international standard and precisely.

Cooperation With Various Organizations

Over the years our company has progressed immensely and in the tenure of progression, the company and its people have established a strong cooperation with reliable government and private organizations with common shared purpose, including the institute for research and development of agricultural and agro-industrial products. They are:

  • Kasetsart University (KAPI),
  • Office of Technical Education Development of King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok (ITED)
  • Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology
  • Rangsit University
  • Japan Institute of Research I.T.O. Provitamin Co., Ltd.
  • Fuji-Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Quality Plus Team
Quality Plus Team

With our established management foundations, the Quality Plus employees, as one family, strive to create the happiness in workplace by working hard and paying closer look to every process.  We are always ready to serve and care for quality work in order to collaborate effectively and push for the success of the whole team. This makes the Quality Plus grow faster and stronger as a leader, specializing in manufacturing skincare products. The success of the company is not only measured by numbers but also by the endless learning along with giving back to the society in all aspects regarding happiness and sustained success.

Why Work With Quality Plus?

  • The opportunity to do the international market through the distribution channels and the overseas sales of quality plus.
  • We are the cosmetic manufacturer, not an agent; do not deliver the work to others, so we can follow the production at all stages.
  • Enhance your competitive edge by researching or using specific extracts that are different from the general market.


Social And Environment Policty

In addition to the continuous development of our products and services, we also place great importance  on the return of the sharp edge, whether it is a community engagement activity, education, and industry development. We have been doing environmental conservation activities including knowledge and nature conservation.


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Tree Planting by Quality Plus


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