Quality Seeds The Future

Quality Plus Seeds

The Main Idea of Quality Plus Seeds

"Because our business goal is not to just deliver products or good quality service, that meets standards for consumers only. But we have a big goal of getting the strong seeds, for the sake of Thai society. That is, the people who are the source and the important force in the development of the Thai economy, to have a Comparative Advantage, to be able to growth and have the business equlity at the international level."

Quality Seeds The Future

Quality Seeds creation by developing the strong seedlings

Starting from the collection and selection good seeds from various sources, both inside and outside the organization and within the supply chain of Quality Plus Company. To nurture the seeds to become such kind of seedlings that have the strong and quality growth with the cooperation of the family members of Quality Plus Company. Sharing together the extra income, generated from part-time work of members within the Quality Plus Company includes:

  • Providing research project writing services for the contest and compete for various funds.
  • Factory management consulting services regarding to certifications ISO 9001, ISO 22716, Asean GMP, Halal.
  • Being a speakers for government agencies and various private sectors, such as Digital Marketing, Business Model Canvas writing etc.
  • Providing advisory services for private companies wishing to create a Happy Workplace.
  • Providing consulting services for various projects with the government and private sectors.

Why is it necessary to have Quality Seeds?

With over 10 years of doing business in the cosmetic industry, we have foreseen that people are an important resource of the country, to push and develop the economy of Thailand. To grow with potential and persistence through the experience and learning, to apply Technology, Innovation and Creativity in products and services development, with the comparative advantage and to have outstanding potential and unique identity.

Quality Seeds project consist of

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