Employee's Children Scholarship Program

Employee’s Children Scholarship Program

Quality Plus Annual Scholarship Program 2019

Scholarship Program is one of the programs under the Quality Seeds program, that is established to jointly support the children of our employees. We promote the good relations between the company's employee family members, to have the love and good connections, arising from communication between members. From younger to elder students, those who are studying in kindergarten, primary or secondary schools, the support to this project comes from the extra income of the executives and members of Quality Plus Company. Those, who have worked over part-time projects to make an extra income, under the Innovative Projects. The main goal is to create happiness, and increase income of employees family, with the extra support of company's Human Resources Department. 2019 become already 2nd year, when we have brought extra income to share as the scholarship grant.

The way to find and select Quality Seeds

Kindergarten year 1 -3

The employee must submit an application, with the student identification book to show the evaluation of the scores of the children to win prize. 6 prizes of 2,000 baht each.

Primary school year 1 – 6

The employee must submit an application, as well as sending a drawing under the heading "My family love Quality Plus". 5 prizes of 2,500 baht each and 11 consolation prizes of 500 baht each.

Secondary school year 1 – 6

The employee must submit an application, along with writing an article on the topic "My family love Quality Plus". 3 prizes of 3,000 baht each and 4 consolation prizes of 500 baht each.

Awarded members who received the prize

Kindergarten year 1 -3

  1. ด.ญ.โยวดี น่วมเจริญ
  2. ด.ช.ธนโชติ แก้วกาญจนพงศ์
  3. ด.ญ.โยษิตา น่วมเจริญ
  4. ด.ช.สรวิชญ์ ใจประดิษฐ์
  5. ด.ญ.เฉลิมขวัญ เจนอบรม
  6. ด.ช.นารากร ทับทิมไทย

Primary school year 1 – 6

  1. ด.ญ.ณิชา วงศ์จำปา
  2. ด.ญ.ภานุมาศ เกตุโย
  3. ด.ช.วงศ์วริช วรยศ
  4. ด.ช.ธนวัฒน์ ถานชนิน
  5. ด.ช.วชิรวิทย์ สนแก้ว

Secondary school year 1 – 6

  1. นางสาวพรพิพม ผุยรอด
  2. นางสาวอริสา น่วมเจริญ
  3. ด.ช.ศุภวิชญ์ ใจประดิษฐ์

In addition to the list of the prizewinners who received the preliminary awards, there are also many of them who have received honorable awards. The management team of Quality Plus Company are happy and would like to share the happiness with all the children who received this award. The management team and all members the Quality Plus Company, hopes that our revenue sharing to The Scholarship Program will encourage kids for further development their knowledge and abilities as intended.

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