Ms. Reyalyn

Intern: Ms. Reyalyn
Course: Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness
Period: February 26-March 31, 2018
Country: Philippines
Department: Sales & Marketing

Intern Experience

Internship Review

As I experienced, Thai people are the very respectful person, even if you are younger than them, or whatever your positions in life they will respect you. As my experienced in the company, the people in high position let us choose what we want to do in the company so that we can apply what we can do. As the day passed by, people in the company are getting busier and busier in each day passed, so we are shy to ask whenever we have a question about the company. And I learned that you will stay know nothing if you have been shy and scary to ask. And Don’t be too dependent on other people, you need to train yourself to be an independent person because they will not guide or teach you forever and when you enter in your real life, only yourself will help you, you need to stand by yourself because no one will lift you up.

And I also learned from P. Thura and P. Kevin to manage my time like, list and set my schedule for 1 month so that I will not forget any things that I need to do. Like I need to gather and finish my survey this week and the next week I need to analyze it and think about my solutions, like that. Because we only have a short of time to the research so I really need to manage my time.

As I observed, Employees in the company are so busy especially Marketing and Oversea Department. They always have a hard time, like meeting a client but even if they are stressed and having a hard time they always soft and gentle and need to be patient with their customer. Whenever they are talking to the customer through phone they always talk soft and gently but you will see in their face that they having a hard time. And I was thinking if I were them maybe I lost that client because knowing myself I have a very short tempered. So, I learned in this is “Customer is always right” you need to be soft and gentle and especially lower your pride to earn a client.

And for the Behavior of Thai people in the company based on my observation, the women in Thai are heavy drinker than the Men in Thailand. They like, they drink a pitcher of beer in bottoms up while the men with a glass of beer it takes an hour before it became empty. HAHA. And Thai people are like spicy food so I learned to eat spicy food here so that I can go along with the people around me. And because Filipinos love to walk when the place is near. The people here are always shocked when we said we only walk to go here.  It is an irony that now we always ride a taxi because we re shy to let them know that we only just walk Hahahha. I will never regret that I chose to do my internship here in Thailand because what I learned not only in the company but also in the people who never treat us like an intern student who just makes coffee for them or clean their mess but they treat us like their co-worker/friends, a real-life experience.  It such great and unforgettable experience. Thank you. 

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