Internship opportunity in Thailand


Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd. offer any undergraduate student an opportunity to learn and develop the skills. Cultivates and educates the student to get a glimpse of real working experience through this internship program by providing training, coaching and on-the-job training in our key business functions as a preparation for a professional career.  Also to enhance and develop the cooperation between Quality Plus and educational institutions in building the productivity of human resource development for future business needs. Internship at Quality Plus will facilitate interns to discover themselves to be more open-minded in adjusting to the new culture and company culture. 

Interns will receive not just learn about a real working place but also holistic learning by being with the diverse cultural working environment. Intern will get the opportunity to develop and apply academic knowledge to real-world business sceneries while getting grade contribution to students' academic credits. The company is open to allow interns to utilize their creativity and analytical skills in doing the assigned project. Additionally, interns will receive a daily allowance on their working days as well as the Quality Plus Thailand provide the internship certificate after successfully completed the Program.

Internship Opportunity in Thailand
Internship Opportunity in Thailand
Internship Opportunity in Thailand

Thai Undergraduate Student

The Program is available to students in the below disciplines who wish to gain a real work-life experience as well as an invaluable reference for future employment in:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Financial
  • Purchasing
  • Production

Foreign Undergraduate Student

  • The foreign students may apply for internship program in following departments:
  • Sales and marketing
  • Digital marketing (e-commerce)
  • Purchasing department

Intern Qualifications

Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd. invites 3rd -year undergraduate students to submit applications for our Internship Program. Looking for interns with following traits:  

  • Show good behavior and human relations
  • Good communication and good command of English
  • Computer literate
  • Self-motivated, energetic, courage, initiative and team player

Interested students please fill out the online application form:

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