Anti-cancer drugs research donation

Anti-cancer drugs  research donation

Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd. contributed fund from Employee  Activity Fund to the research on the production of anti-cancer drugs on human immunodeficiency virus. Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd. contributed 10,00 baht fund from the Employee  Activity Fund to the Chulalongkorn Cancer Immunotherapy Excellence Center for supporting the research and development of new cancer treatment drug.

Quality Plus Aesthetic  International Co., Ltd. has set up an Employee Activity Fund. It is a good business ethics and responsibility to support the corporate social responsibility and environmental activities matters involved both internal and external of the organization.  It is also to lead to sustainable development along with the Happy Workplace to ensure the people in the organization have a ready mindset and good attention to quality work. Thus help people and organizations work together effectively and support the team in the organization. It is also available to help people outside the organization.

Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd. has been awarded "Happy Family Award 2018" by the Office of Thai Health Promotion Foundation together with the Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University that follows the government's policy of "lifelong development" to strengthen and develop human capital, and family institutions to be strong. One key strategy is support for working people, can balance work, life, and family to reduce the problem in the family and increase the productivity of the work at the same time.


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