Quality Plus Participated In-cosmetic Asia 2018

Quality Plus Participated In-cosmetic Asia exhibition 2018

Quality Plus participated In-cosmetic Asia exhibition 2018 at BITEC Bangna, Thailand on 30 October- 1 November 2018 for three days exhibition. For the first time, Quality Plus exhibited in the exhibition under Bangkok Botanic, a business unit of Quality Plus with our close partner ITO Provitamin Co., Ltd from Japan  displaying our Thai, Japanese and Brazilian natural active ingredients for cosmetic product.

The active ingredients displayed in the exhibition were as followed:

  • Purified Xanthone: Mangosteen peel extract
    • Properties: Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant and Anti-bacterial
  • Anthocyanin: Purple corn cob extract
    • Properties: Collagen regeneration, Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory
  • Lovastatin: Sugarcane Bagasse extract
    • Properties: Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-ageing
  • Moringa oil: Moringa seed extract
    • Properties: Antioxidants, Moisturising, Hair nourishing and repairing, Acne & acne scar treatment, Reduce wrinkle and Skin soothing
  • Amitose GO-VC: Vitamin C derivatives
    • Properties: Antioxidant, Whitening, Anti-wrinkle,  Anti-acne, Moisturising
  • Mineral clay powder: Natural mineral clay
    • Properties:  sebum-secretion suppressing effect, Antioxidant effect, water holding ability and a skin-elasticity improving effect

Quality Plus had a very good start during 3 days exhibition as there were many professional visitors who were in field of research and development,  ingredient trader, cosmetic manufacturer and ingredient manufacturer from different countries such as South Korea, Mexico, France, South Africa, Japan, India, Singapore, China etc…

It was very noticeable at our booth that visitors were interested in our ingredients and attentive to information shared. First day, we had a group of R&D professionals for Natural active tour at our booth and presented ingredient details to the visitors, and also show the ingredient samples to see the colour and appearance. We provided the our ingredient brochure to visitors and later, some of the visitors came back to our booth discuss further about the ingredients and took few samples to do research study on their formulation.

There were many visitors came to our booth and discuss further about ingredients, and some of their main objectives were:

  • Looking for new ingredients for cosmetic manufacturing  
  • Looking for new ingredients for trading
  • Looking for cosmetic manufacturing company
  • Looking for ingredient distributor

Quality Plus team was able to see and observe the wide range of ingredients and its product in the event and get to learn more about it. This exhibition gave us the confidence in our Thai active ingredients to deliver its value to the world class beauty industry.

If you are looking for the Thai, Japanese and Brazilian ingredient, you can contact us directly.

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