Thai Chamber of Commerce Best Award 2018

Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd. was honoured with the Thai Chamber of Commerce Best Award  2018 under the Outstanding Code of Ethics of the Thai Chamber of Commerce on 19 October 2018. The event was organized by the Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Thai Industries with the purpose is to commend the outstanding members  that implements the Code of Conduct guidelines and corporate governance in accordance with the standard of the Thai Chamber of Commerce as determined by the Board. This will benefit the development of long-term sustainable business organizations. It also creates a good image of the organization to be more popular to the public.

Quality Plus Aesthetic International Limited is one of the members of the Board of Trade of Thailand. The company has implemented the Good Corporate Governance in the day-to- day management activities of the organization  for the company’s progressive growth. Corporate Governance is a guideline to promote excellence of the organization which focuses on creating fairness, transparency and good working practices for all parties involved including employees, buyer, seller, creditors, shareholders. It is also to increase the credibility and reliability of the business to society and the public as well as to increases the competitiveness of the business in the other.


  • To ensure fairness to those involved
  • Information disclosure and transparency can be monitored.
  • Responsibility to consumers and partners
  • Treatment of bona fide
  • Ethical activities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility  
  • Promotion of environmental protection and preservation .
  • The right to freedom of the person
  • To reduce the risk of the business
  • Aimed at promoting the principles and practice excellence in the organization
Thai Chamber of Commerce award 2018


Quality plus aesthetic international co., Ltd. would like to thank you to all parties, whether it is customers, employees or others individuals involved to support and drive the company Quality Plus to be able to operate in accordance to the principles of good corporate governance. And  hopefully we will be able to conduct business with fairness, transparency and maintain a good standard in the organization forever.

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