Thai Labour Standard TLS 8001

Thai labour standard

Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd. received the Thai Labor Standard: TLS 8001-2546 for operating the organization in accordance with the Labor Practices Act regarding conditions of employment and working conditions such as wages, working hours, holidays and safety of workplace to ensure protection for worker as well as the creation of equality to maintaining the quality of life, secure good labour relations and morale at the work.

Thai Labour Standards : Corporate Social Responsibility of Thai Business was launched as a guidelines for a company from any industry to follow or implement. Thai Labour Standard ensure improvement and development good practices on labour management system, to upgrade life quality of the workers, and to strengthen sustainable growth of the business.

Thai Labour Standard have many provisions and these are some of provisions:

  • Management system: Covers organization policy, management representative, collaboration, planning & implementation, supplier and communication.
  • Forced labour: restriction of engaging or supporting use of forced labour in any forms.
  • Remunerations: implementing the provisions of TSL 8001:2010 in paying the remuneration of work and provide information briefly.
  • Working hours: covers standard working hours as fixed by the law and conditions of working extra hours.
  • Discrimination: restrictions on taking unhealthy advantages of employees, bullying, harassment and any form of actions that doesn’t support employee rights.  

The US Department of State released a report on human trafficking (TIP Report 2018) this year, Thailand was ranked in Tier 2,  which is an upgrade from the one that was included in the Tier 2 Watch List in 2017 according to the report. The Thai government is committed to developing a legal and policy framework. It also seeks to increase the effectiveness of anti-trafficking efforts with emphasizing on protection of Thais and foreigners in Thailand with dignity and humanity. The human rights and humanitarian principles that Thailand has always followed.

Tiers is the hierarchy of the trafficking situation by comparing the global trafficking situation to the United States standards and ranked the country into four levels. They are;

  • Tier 1 means a country or government that fully complies with the minimum legal standards for the protection of victims of human trafficking (TVPA).
  • Tier 2 means a country or a government that complies with the minimum standards for a television set, but has made significant efforts to meet those standards.
  • Tier 2 Watchlist refers to countries where trafficking has increased, failing to show evidence of increased efforts to combat human trafficking in the past year. It is considered that it was making significant efforts to meet the minimum standards of the TVPA, promising further measures in the future.
  • Tier 3 means a country that does not comply with the minimum standards of human trafficking in the United States and do not make significant efforts to tackle trafficking.

Currently, Quality Plus Company have contract hired employees of both Thai nationality and other nationality such as Burma, Bhutan, Russia, etc., as well as employees with physical disabilities, which the Quality Plus has carried out in accordance to  strict legal framework and policies under Thai labor laws. Also provides coverage benefits to employees of different nationalities and employees with physical defects are equal to Thai employees with a normal body.

In addition, the Quality Plus is also committed to social responsibility, by bringing staff to the volunteer aid society, or help preserve the environment, reforestation, mangrove planting, or donate money to help society in various cases, commonly known as CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility.

Benefits of Thai Labor Standards

  • Can trade in the world market. Currently, major buyers in the US and EU focus on producing products and services that need to respect human rights and labor rights. The standard labor has been adopted as a condition for the manufacturer to comply, implement in organization, If it can’t be done, the contract will be canceled.
  • The system of labor standards is to support exports, and even make labor a good quality of life with work safety to reduce loss of life and property, morale to yield the full potential.
  • The preparation of the labor standards make the practice in the preparation of the management system to be effective, which will lead to increase productivity to generate income for the employees and profitable for business. It is the key is to create a positive image and build a social responsibility, which will reduce obstacles and barriers to trade

Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd., a cosmetic manufacturing company is certified with the international standard. It is also for cosmetic brand makers who are looking for or are deciding on a factory that they want to market in Thailand and the AEC to make your brand credible, to be recognized by consumers, and to create a competitive advantage in the AEC market.

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