Having Your Own Cosmetics Brand

Having your own cosmetics brand is a wise move to start your own business. There is an immense scope for the growth  in the cosmetics industry to target your niche customer. Over the years cosmetic industry is growing rapidly. There are increasing demand for all types of cosmetic products from different group of customers. Cosmetics industry consist a wide range of businesses such as clinics, aromatherapy, beauty salon, beauty spa, cosmetic store, hair salon and even makeup artists are part of it.


Below are some basic considerations for those who are interested in creating their own cosmetics brand.

  1. Identify your target customers and product positioning
  2. If you cannot think of any product that you would like to sell, it is recommended to go out and try to select ones at the sales office.
  3. If you have a new formula, we can formulate for you.
  4. Request the company for information and quotes in tangible documents
  5. If you deposit some money with the company, make sure you do not forget to collect the Pay Slip as evidence.
  6. Take receipt or tax receipt with a digital signature
  7. Design logo and packaging and think of brand name and product name
  8. Register FDA if you would like to create a brand new item because the factory cannot use the old number for a new product
  9. Register the trademark
  10. Write down the barcode in case you would like to sell your products in department store or convenience store
  11. Check the compatibility test of the product before you buy (volume, cream texture, etc.)
  12. When you order the packaging (if any), please be careful about the color screen, make sure the quality does not fade when peeling.
  13. Order printed box
  14. Make sure you choose the right factory to pack your products
  15. When receiving goods from the factory, you must receive a document call DO (Delivery Order) with signatures on it
  16. Pay for the item. Check the quantity and quality prior to payment
  17. Always take invoice or receipt with signature every time

The above steps are just the basic steps only. Do not forget to do further research if you want to learn more about this field.

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