Branding Cosmetic Brand

Understanding your business purpose and model helps you in  branding cosmetic brand successfully because for small cosmetic business owners, branding is an important part of making business successful as it is for the big companies. 

Branding is a way of describing your business to yourself, your team and your customers to present business identity through the understanding the fundamental of what the business is and its core values, not just what it looks and sounds like.  A successful cosmetic brand can bring strong bonding and relationship between brand and customer same as when people fall in love with each other. Customers get connected emotively with well defined brand because they share the same values ,beliefs of a brand and most imporatantly it fullfills the needs of customer. This leads to higher sales and better brand differentiation. It also build loyalty, advocacy and can even protect your price in times when competitors rely on promotional discounts to drive sales. 

Here are useful ways of branding cosmetic brand:

  • Initate by defining your brand: Review the skincare  product your business offers and  identify the space in the market it can fill. Research the sensitive and reasonable needs, and concerns of your customers. The brand character should promote your business, connect with your customer base and differentiate you from other competitors in the market.
  • Assume your brand as a person: Every one of us has our own beliefs, values and purposes that define who we are and who we connect with. Our personality decides how we behave in different situations, how we wear, act and what we say which is natural for us. When you're building a brand it's important to have that understanding because you will know how to reach your brand to customer with appropriate story.   
  • Factors driving your business: Your business belief,  intentions andyour brand idols, these factors can assist you in establishing your brand positioning and inform the identity and character for brand communications.
  • Focus on long-term customers relationship:  Build trust with honest branding of your skincare product and be clear who your company is. Don't claim over what you can offer and raise expectations that result in broken promises. As consequence it will affect your business growth because customer is a key factor to be successful in the market.  
  • Speak to your customers with a consistent tone of voice: Consistent tone of voice shows your warmth, expertise, sense of humour, or any other attribute that you want to display to consumers when building your brand. It is not just about communicating your brand offer but how it is communicate in what voice tone. It will support your business' character and clarify its offering so customers are aware exactly what to expect from the product or service.
  • Don't repeat the same message in the same way over and over again: It is reasonable understand that it takes time to get new message appropriate for your brand and you may use same message in different ways so when your customer sees it they don't feel same thing like before. Alternatively, focus to make your key messages blend together to build a clear identity.
  • Don't try to intimate the look of big brands: Try and create your own unique brand identity to attract customers who are looking for something more original and authentic. Your brand logo should be raw and fresh which is easy to remember . Intimate brand look with big brands could create negative impression on brand like fake brand, low quality brand and etc.
  • Always consider your branding when communicating with customers: Don't lose your pride or dilute your brand positioning with random discounting when communicating to customers. Try  to offer more, rather than cutting prices. Promotions are an opportunity to strengthen your brand goals.
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