Cosmetic Product Colours

Colour is one of the most important components for attracting customers and selecting the suitable cosmetic product colours that represents the purpose of the product and brand. Colour has the power to trigger feelings and thoughts in the mind of customer—whether positive or negative.  The colour pattern of a package can induce emotions and attitudes about the product before the consumer knows anything about it. Ultimately, it comes down to this: in order for colour to contribute to the successful match between product and target consumer, it’s necessary to know relevant details about both. In order to stand out from your competition and capture potential buyers’ attention, it is crucial to keep the following goals in mind when choosing cosmetic product colours.


Keep the mindset of customers at the first place when selecting the cosmetic product colours. Whether it’s their age, gender, income, education level, put yourself in their shoes to see what motivates them to buy. Don’t forget to take any cultural preferences and meanings of your target market into consideration before making your colour choice.


One thing to consider with blue is that universally, it is the most liked colour by both males and females. This makes it the “safest” colour to use, but that choice may backfire and result in a boring, predictable package. The key is to choose the right blue that relates to your specific market and add decorative textures and finishes to make your product stand out. Darker blue is more suited to an older market, while bright, electric blues appeal to a younger market.

When used in your packaging colours, it corresponds to the product’s effectiveness and reliability. The darker the blue, the more professional, serious and conservative the product will be perceived to be. The lighter the blue, the softer and more creative the product will be perceived to be. This colour is a colour that makes customers trust us and build confidence in the product. It is the most popular colour and many cosmetic factories are used to express peace and relaxation.  



Using red colour draws attention to your product, stimulates the senses and excites the potential purchaser because red indicates liveliness, action, passion, enthusiasm and strength. Red is the colour that provokes and makes our hearts dance the most in all colours. Because red can stimulate the response in the body, such as excitement, love, romance, desire and sexual power. There are many brands in the market using red and to create a cosmetics brand, red colour could be use if it matches with your product purpose and message  to add value and attract customers' attention. Dark reds are perceived as professional and luxurious, while bright reds are more exciting and energetic and generally of lower perceived value than dark reds. Adding gold or silver for the printing or decoration increases the perceived value.



Using purple in your packaging colours shows luxury, indulgence, exceptional quality or exclusivity, particularly if used with gold or silver printing or decoration. Purple give a sense of mystic power, spirit and greatness. Purple expresses wealth, respects creativity, wisdom is a color that can arouse deep emotions. Purple relates to high ideals, imagination, spirituality and uniqueness. Packaging of holistic products and anything to do with spirituality does well with this colour. Purple attracts the female and youth market more so than males, although it is slowly becoming more accepted. Purple can be seen in the Anti-Aging and Beauty Group. 

Purple Colour-time-revolution


A colour associated with balance and harmony, green is connect to security, wealth and growth. The green colour gives the feeling of nature and refreshing.  Green represents the reflection that this environmentally conscious business. It is a colour that expresses great choice for eco-friendly or natural products, green suggests natural, organic and healthy items. This colour is suitable for those who want to make products in the cosmetic category is a natural product or a product that feels safe. Dark green implies wealth, luxury and professional quality, while light or muted greens suggest environmentally safe and nutritious. Green is often an ideal colour to choose, with the addition of decorative finishes or printing in colours that will attract your target market, it will prove even more effective.

Green colour-Yves Rocher


Pink gives a gentle, gentle feeling of being a woman.It is mostly appropriate for products related to the female market such as cosmetics, fashion, beauty and romance because pink is inspirational, sincere, empathetic and soothing. Pink is feminine and youthful in its softer shades. Combining pink with darker colours gives it more sophistication and strength. Dusty or subdued pink product attracts a more sentimental and older market. Using bright or neon pink tends to imply a less expensive and trendy product, which is eye-catching to young teens. It is evident that many brands use pink to create a cosmetic brand and pink is the best interpretation.

Pink colour- shiseido

We can see that each colour will feel different, so the cosmetic product colours are one of the compenents in creating the the identity of your brand to determine the customers. It also helps to convey the people to recognize the colours as we use colours to stimulate the customer feeling to make a purchase.

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