Cosmetics cream trend in 2019

Cosmetics cream trend in 2019

Investment in cream production and cosmetics brand businesses are highly popular and grow up rapidly. It is easy to start business in this field and the investment cost is not very high. At present, there are many cosmetic manufacturers that have received international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 22716, Asian GMP, Halal etc., to provide services in the production of cosmetic products according to the needs of those who want to create own skin care cream brand, especially facial care creams is a trend for cosmetic products in 2019 to meet consumer segments.


The cream is a type of skincare products that people still need and it is in high demand. The appearance of the skin cream is concentrated the heavy cream and the ability to absorb into the skin that is slower than other types of creams. The components of the cream are oil and water, but the oil is prevail. The cream is suitable for group of people who need moisture their skin. It is suitable for dry skin with a lack of moisture, including the skin that got burned by the sun. In addition, the cream can also help to reduce wrinkles.

  • Types of skin are suitable to use cream: dry skin and dehydrated skin
  • Types of skin are not suitable to use cream: oily skin and sensitive skin
  • Suitable packaging types: tubes and jars
Cream Trends - Cream


The characteristics of serum with a light texture can be absorbed into the skin in the inner layer and penetrate into the skin more easily than cream and lotion. The texture of the serum can be water, oil and gel. The serum is designed to be able to fix some skin problems on the spot, such as acne problems, wrinkles problems, tightening the face, clear white face, etc. Thus, the serum is priced higher than other types of cream.

  • Types of skin are suitable to use this cream:all skin types
  • Appropriate packaging types: gears, dumper bottles,vacuum pump bottles, and tubes
Cream Trends - Serum


It is a lotion mixed with gel light that easily absorbed into the skin. It has a water based that has the properties of moisturizer to help protect the outer surface to retain water, makes the skin moisturized, and makes the skin not dehydrated. At present, the production of emulsion skincare is more popular because of the weather conditions and the routines that need to be rushed in our home.

  • Types of skin are suitable to use this cream:combination skin and oily skin

Suitable packaging types: gearboxes, vacuum pump bottles and tubes

Cream Trends - Emulsion


The texture of the gel type contains polymer compound that has a lot of water retention properties. It can help moisturizer to protect skin from moisture. The gel is usually made into a formula for Sleeping Gel and Night Gel. It is used before bedtime for adding water on the face after waking up, and the skin will feel soft and smooth like the skin with full of water.

  • Types of skin are suitable to use this cream:all skin types especially dry and dehydrated skin
  • Appropriate packaging types: jars and tubes
Cream Trends - Gel


It is water base that can penetrate into the skin deeply quickly. It is very popular among Asian girls, especially Korea and Japan. Today, there are a lot of Asian brands producing Essence. The properties of Essence will focus on skin rejuvenation, take care of the skin from the inner layer to help strengthen the skin structure. It can be used in the morning and before bedtime.

  • Types of skin are suitable to use this cream: all skin types,especially the skin that is allergic to various oils.

Suitable packaging types: bottles

Cream Trends - Essence


It looks like a serum and essence is a light texture that can penetrate into the skin quickly, but it extracts more concentrated than serum and the essence. It can help to the skin nourishment, nourish the skin and revitalize the skin urgently.

Types of skin are suitable to use this cream: all skin types and the skin that needs urgent restoration

The appropriate packaging type: dropper

Cream Trends - Ampoule

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