Influencer Marketing In Thailand

Influencer Marketing

Thailand is one of the most promising emerging markets in Asia. The country is developing immensely due to the booming industries such as tourism and retail.  Nowadays, Thai businesses have been quick to adopt social media not only to promote and advertise their services but also as an element of business marketing strategies targeting international audiences.  Marketing is becoming popular for brands to execute Influencer marketing, which has a strong influence on consumers. In Thailand, entrepreneurs use celebrity or a group of people who have a lot of followers (actor, singer, or net idol) as the voice of the brand to stimulate sales.

Especially in Thailand, an influencer has a great impact on consumers purchasing decision. According to the news in Bangkok Post, Thailand is the world's most used social media market with 46 million registered Facebook users which is 2% of Facebook account in the world and, Instagram had 13.6 million users, a growth of 24%, and Twitter had 12 million users, 33% growth. Fortunately, Thailand is one of the leading countries in Southeast Asia when it comes to social media usage. Social media has had a tremendous impact on users and brands in Thailand and it has increasingly become an important tool for business marketing and for business success.

If you notice in the market, most of the Thai brands reach out their target audience through appropriate influencer marketing strategies.  Nowadays, we can notice the impact of influencer that they can bring to a brand. Thai influencers are able to engage and interact with their fans due to the quality content of brand and content posted need to match with the influencers and brand. Every content needs to be new, fresh and suited to the influencer and brand to reach out to your target audience and produce positive results. Thus brand with quality content will have an advantage over the rest.

Thai people are increasingly checking product reviews from the influencer channel and word-of-mouth from friends to decide their purchase. As an entrepreneur, it is an opportunity to leverage the available potential influencers to bring more sales and customer loyalty through the online platform. Influencer marketing will assist you in reaching out to Thais consumers who often look online review either be it on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platform. With these rising online community is what make influencer marketing effective in Thailand with a proper marketing plan. Through a strong understanding of local markets and social listening capabilities, brand owners should able to identify the right brand ambassador or influencer to pair with your brand.


  • Creates brand awareness to a larger audience
  • Push your brand's campaigns
  • Help your brand to gain credibility
  • Converts audiences into loyal customers
  • Bring brand visibility in the social media platform
  • Open new markets opportunities through influencer fan-following
  • Improve SEO of website from influencer post  on social media
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