Product Story

Your skincare product's active ingredients and benefits can help to create brand value with product story as another method of marketing your product. When we market any product to customers we often use a persuasive tone to convince by describing the features and benefits. We try hard to give customers reasons to choose, forgetting that most purchasing decisions are not rational, but emotional.

We like to believe that our product story begins with the customer’s relationship to the product, when in actual fact what the customer is focused on is his/her relationship to (him/her)self (in the presence of the product). When he asks himself (or you), “How is this better?” what he really wants to know is, “How does this make me better?” 


1. What’s the change that will happen in your customer because your product exists?
2. How will he look, feel, think and act?
3. What will he say, believe and do once he is using it?
4. How exactly will he be a better version of himself in the presence of this product?

Product Story can also include the story Active ingredient and benefits that customer will receive after using the product. By combining above questions, it will bring many different parts together to create a fascinating and fascinating story. 

Active ingredient information in product story which will help you to create product story: 

  • The origin information of the raw materials or extracts such as location and climate
  • Describe local tradition and culture use of extract and the benefits it offers  
  • Describe the discovery, research and development of the extracts we use.
  • Display test result to show the effictiveness of the extracts and the cosmetics product 

This is what you need to know about the story in the product story. It is important to use the image and video that convey the meaning of the real or the real location will be able to give the customer a better understanding and access to it. 

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