Right Logo For Cosmetics Brand

Designing the RIGHT logo to represent your cometics brand is one the key ingredient to grab the customer attention in the process of building a cosmetic or skincare brand.  It is improtant to understand the main purpose or message of your logo because the logo is immediate factor that customer recognize and it also building trust, admiration and loyalty. Logos are used to identify.

For new entrants who want to design and select the right logo for the brand, the design can be divided into 3 main categories:

1. The logo that has LETTER (Word Mark Logo) which is the name of the brand.
For some certain brands that have a long name which is hard to read; it takes time to remember the brand name as well.

2. The logo that is a symbolic image (Symbolic Logo) that can be created in different shapes.
Example: NIKE logo is a mark, APPLE is an apple-shaped, and DOVE is a bird symbol

3. The logo that mixes shape with the character (Combination Logo) would look interesting too.

Logo is one of the important things in creating cosmetic brands. It builds a memory for consumers.
If you have a small budget and would like to build your own cosmetic brand, we would recommend you to go for 2 and 3.

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