Skincare Product Trends in Malaysia

With the growth of young consumers and disposable income, Malaysia skincare market is growing yearly.  Skincare product trends in Malaysia are being noticed by the market players and able to come up with a product that suits the demand in the market. Skincare is the one of the most significantly used beauty and personal care categories for consumers in Malaysia.  Nowadays, demand for men's skincare also growing significantly with growing demand for men's grooming and appearance. 



Whitening, lightening, anti-aging, and masks products are trendy and experiencing the growth in demand. Skincare products in Malaysia are getting trendy with following factors according to Mintel report: 




Natural ingredients trends 

Malaysian consumers aware of harmful side effects of skincare products that contain harmful chemicals.Consumers are mostly accepting the skincare products which is useful to their skin and a product with natural ingredients. Following ingredients are popular and trendy in the market according to research done by the Mintel. 

  • Minerals and flora & fauna from Jeju, Korea
  • Thermal springs from France 
  • Anti-aging nano gold facial cosmetic



Nourishing ingredients trends

Mentioned ingredients with nourishing benefits are getting popular and used in many skincare beauty and personal care products.  

  • Exotic seeds – Habbatus sauda and argan oil are key ingredients trending  used in Halal products
  • Bird nest and non-edible golden cocoon
  • Camu camu and rice stem cell




Moisturizing and protecting 

  • The product from oriental tea extracts, green caviar to green teas seeds from Jeju Island
  • Super hyaluronic acid and super collagen water 
  • Facial spray




Solving skin problems

Another trend factor is consumers are purchasing or demanding the products that solve the skin problems and shows the result effectively.  Nowadays, men are giving importance to their appearance for grooming and looking for the product that fulfills their needs. 

  • Anti-pollution 
  • Whitening for men 
  • Snail cream category 
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