What is OEM Cosmetics?

The definitions of OEM

OEM is a short from Original Equipment Manufacturing, and it refers to a company that manufactures cosmetics product for another company, which resells the product under their own brand name.

Who is OEM cosmetics supplier?

OEM cosmetics supplier is your production partner with years of experience in the field, and the expertise needed in building high quality cosmetics product. You can come to OEM supplier with your own products specification, requirements and ideas, to manufacture products component or finished goods. Producing cosmetics with OEM services is a fast way to make own brand name cosmetics product, without setting up own manufacture facilities.

OEM cosmetics manufacturing process

OEM cosmetics manufacturing process

Advantages of making cosmetics product with OEM?

OEM manufacturer offer you cost-effective solutions, production scaling benefits, and typically provide you with comprehensive services, such as:

  • Logo & Packaging design
  • R&D
  • Filling & Packing
  • Clinical & Laboratory tests (efficacy, irritation, microbial etc.)
  • Document registration (FDA, trademark, patent, barcode, certifications etc.)
  • Distribution support (sales via modern trade and ecommerce)
  • Shipping services.

With OEM one-stop services you can manufacture and start selling your products on short timescales, and onwards make a quick expansion of your existing cosmetics product line.

How to choose OEM supplier?

When you are looking for your OEM partner, recommended to pay attention on manufacturing compliance with international quality standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO22716 (GMP for cosmetics), and other related certifications to ensure that you will receive safe to use, reliable and quality cosmetics product that can access international trade with no interferences.

Our OEM cosmetics service

Quality Plus Company is the leading OEM cosmetics supplier in Thailand with a professional branding service. We offer OEM cosmetics development of various types of cosmetics, and a wide range of standard cosmetic formulations, accurately designed and tested, that you can use with your own brand name on it.

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