Intent Moisturizer



Skin whitening and nourishing in lotion in spray form with aerosol touch of small droplets can penetrate into the skin better. Helps to whiten and brighten skin, revealing white skin as a snowflake, leaves skin smooth and soft.


  • Refreshing for the face
  • Moisturize the skin
  • Skin whitening and brightening

Active Ingredients

    Amitose GOA or GO-VC (2-glyceryl 3-octyl ascorbate) a new ascorbic acid derivative development has a unique structure GO-VC also prevents Propionibacterium acnes and more effective for acne vulgaris, redness, spot, and wrinkle. GO-VC is suitable for all skin types. GO-VC gives a comfortable moisturising feeling without the feeling of stickiness and improves the damaged skin with acne vulgaris and skin pigmentation.
    From Hyaluronic acid fermentation to make polysaccharide (cross-linked polysaccharide), this will help recover again hyaluronic acid in the skin which have been decreased by aging. Its function to help the skin to retain moisture, Skin elasticity, soft and supple, Hyaluronic acid yet also helps skin to heal and restore itself faster as well
    Naringenin chalcone is a polyphenol that naturally occurs in the peel of plants e.g. citrus fruits or grapefruits. In nature, the naringenin chalcone spontaneously isomerizes to the flavanone naringenin, which exhibits only weak activity and is poorly soluble in water.
    Aloe Vera contain with Aloctin A and Aloctin B helps brighten, moisturize, freshen skin and treat acne rapidly. It can also reduce black spots, rough skin and it improves skin moisture and does not cause irritation. It is anti-inflammatory, can be used frequently does and does not irritate mild skin.
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