Day Whitening Lotion


  • Make skin soft
  • Effective sunscreen
  • Reduce the irritation of the skin
  •  Moisturize and firm skin.


Day Whitening lotion enriched with ASCORBYL GLUCOSIDE; an innovative vitamin C to make skin naturally soft together with effective sunscreen to protect and care in only one step.

Active Ingredients

    Strengthen the integrity of granulation tissue to help repair, soften, smoothen and reduce the irritation of the skin.
    The innovative Vitamin C with the best performance among the derivatives of ascorbic acid helps your skin bright and smooth naturally. It also firms and reduces the visible signs of aging and stress
    A substance that is found to be effective in the penetration to enhance Fibrobrast Cells and Collagen. It has been used to aid in skin aging, moisturize and firm skin.
    It is an antioxidant to prevent the deterioration of the skin and aging. Alpha arbutin can reduce the redness of acne spots, freckles and smoothen pores for healthier skin.
    Extracted Vitamin E from plants such as sunflower is the most active vitamin E for human skin to bring an excellent result in anti-oxidants.
    A safe sunscreen with non-absorption property does not cause skin irritation. It is gentle for children’s delicate skin or sensitive skin with high stability to block UVA and UVB rays as well.
    Zinc oxide is a physical sun blocking agent that has a broad range of effectiveness, covering UVA and UVB. As a single ingredient, zinc oxide is the broadest range sunscreen on the market. It has a long history of safe use. It is not irritating and compatible with sensitive skin. In fact, zinc oxide is a skin protectant and anti-irritant, and is widely used in treating various forms of dermatitis/skin irritation.
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