Mela X10


  • Reduce melasma and freckles
  • Improve dull skin
  • Brightening and smoothing skin
  • Inhibits melanin pigmentation


Mela X10 cream reduces dark spots, freckles, dull skin, prevents melanin formation that causes melasma, freckles, brightens skin and moisturizes the skin. Provides the skin with no harmful ingredients for all skin types.

Active Ingredients


Seashine is derived from two brown algae extracts which are Alaria Esculenta and Undaria Pinnatifida. It controls genes in the production of the pigment melanin and inhibit the production of enzymes which regulate all genes that cause of the melasma.


The substance received from the synthesis process is called lysine. The substance helps remove black spots and brighten skin.


Amitose GOA, also known as GO-VC (Glyceryl Octyl Ascorbate), is an innovative vitamin C that is more specific than vitamin C and highly stable.  It does not change color when exposed to air or light, so it does not make the product change color.  It has antioxidant properties to inhibit the growth of various bacteria that cause acne. Moisturizes the skin, helps whiten the skin by inhibiting the melanin pigmentation process on the skin cells. It has the ability to promote the cell growth (Fiber blast). Increase the synthesis of collagen with the skin


Add hyaluronic acid naturally found in skin that is decreasing when a person gets older. The acid helps moisturize facial skin and reduce and slow age wrinkles.


It is extracted from several kinds of plants in nature, whitening skin safely and suppressing melanin, so skin is naturally brightened.

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