Moisture Surge

“Care your skin like give it a glass of water”


  • Mositurize the skin without stickiness
  • Suitable tor dry skin
  • control the facial oil
  • Leave skin hydrated




Moisture surge is suitable skin care product for dry and lack of moisture skin. Replenish your skin quickly without greasy or sticky feeling and will not increase oil during the day. The ingredients are especially selected for dehydrated skin.

Active Ingredients

  • Caviar Extract
    Rich in amino acids, essential minerals and vitamins to nourish the skin to give you a soft, smooth skin and reduce dark circles and wrinkles as well.
    Contain essential amino acids and it is uniquely qualified in water retention for the skin. Hydrolyzed silk contains the same type of moisture in the skin and can capture the other proteins in the skin to create a film to prevent loss of moisture. Your skin will look smoother and radiant
    Vitamin B3 is a very useful vitamins to the skin by reducing wrinkles, reducing dark and red spots, moisturizing and causing the skin to create collagen and ceramide to makes skin healthy and strong against any irritations.
    Stimulates blood circulation and hydrates dry and delicate skin. It can tighten pores, prevent and eliminate acne, aid in wound healing and tissue regeneration with Anti-oxidant property to reduce wrinkles and dark spots for bright and healthy skin.
    An active ingredient for skin comfort, hydrating and stimulating energy and youthfulness. It also boosts skin’s elasticity and strengthens your skin
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