RPT Expert Eliminator


  • Remove dirt blocking the pores
  • Repair the damaged skin cells and stimulate the production of new cells
  • Makes the skin smooth and soft


Revolutionize skin cleaning with RPT Expert Eliminator, the viscous gel of which can remove dirt and chemicals remaining on face and pores, leading to the feeling of cleanliness, moisture and smoothness right after first use.

Active Ingredients


The extract is naturally received from papaya, and it is gentle for skin. This kind of extract accelerates the removal of old skin cells and smoothes skin, leading to new and bright skin and reducing wrinkles.


It is an enzyme from nature, helping remove epidermal cells mildly and safely, softening and brightening facial skin. It does not damage skin like chemicals do.


This substance is used for skin deep cleaning, and it is gentle for even mild skin around eyes or easily allergic skin. Its pH balance does not cause any irritations.

LIPOBELLE GLACIER                                                                                                              

Add moisture to all kinds of skin with lipobelle glacier, mineral water from glacier in Switzerland, helping revitalize and moisturize skin all 24 hours, protecting cells from a hot weather and moisturizing skin all day for deep comfort.


It adds a high level of mositure to skin and lengthens skin moisture. Skin is not dry during the day, so it looks soft and attractive.

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