RPT Expert Eliminator

  • Gel
Function / Efficacy
  • Cleansing
  • Remove dirt blocking the pores
  • Repair the damaged skin cells and stimulate the production of new cells
  • Makes the skin smooth and soft
How To Use
  • Apply the gel to face and massage face softly. The gel will remove dirt remaining on face. Wipe it out softly with cotton wool, and wash face with clean water again.
Active Ingredients
  • Papaya Fruit Extract, Subtilisin, Sodium Lautoyl Glutamate, Lipobelle Glacier, Polyquaternium-15


Revolutionize skin cleaning with RPT Expert Eliminator, the viscous gel of which can remove dirt and chemicals remaining on face and pores, leading to the feeling of cleanliness, moisture and smoothness right after first use.

Active Ingredients

Papaya Fruit Extract

Papaya Fruit Extract
The extract is naturally received from papaya, and it is gentle for skin. This kind of extract accelerates the removal of old skin cells and smoothes skin, leading to new and bright skin and reducing wrinkles.


It is an enzyme from nature, helping remove epidermal cells mildly and safely, softening and brightening facial skin. It does not damage skin like chemicals do.

Sodium Lautoyl Glutamate

Sodium Lautoyl Glutamate
This substance is used for skin deep cleaning, and it is gentle for even mild skin around eyes or easily allergic skin. Its pH balance does not cause any irritations.

Lipobelle Glacier

Lipobelle Glacier
Add moisture to all kinds of skin with lipobelle glacier, mineral water from glacier in Switzerland, helping revitalize and moisturize skin all 24 hours, protecting cells from a hot weather and moisturizing skin all day for deep comfort.


It adds a high level of mositure to skin and lengthens skin moisture. Skin is not dry during the day, so it looks soft and attractive.

Private Labeling Services

Create your own brand with our Private Label Cosmetics services

Quality Plus happy to offer One-Stop Contract Manufacturing service with full chain of cosmetics production. Cosmetic Private label is a simple and a fast way to build your own beauty brand. If you are looking to produce a line of private label cosmetics with your own brand name on it, you can go with our comprehensive OEM, ODM & OBM services, based on manufacturing standards from TUV NORD Germany and ASEAN GMP.

OEM Manufactruring service - Your Products Specification

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with fully automatic machines, to produce a cosmetics product, based on your own products specification, requirements and ideas (OEM Cosmetics Manufacturing). Through the effective quality control management into all aspects of our manufacturing process, we ensure that you will receive a product free from defects.

We provide contract filling and packing service if you want to assemeble your cosmetics product in Thailand. You can send your semi-products like packaging box, packaging and bulk to us for filling and packing in our factory.

ODM Manufacturing service: RPT Expert Eliminator - Standard Formulation

You can choose RPT Expert Eliminator's ready-to-use standardized and qualified formula (ODM Manufacturing), to start selling on short timescales. RPT Expert Eliminator formulation is developed under the guidance of ISO 227716, and went through in-house testing such as stability test, compatibility test, irritation tests to ensure product is safe to use and is of high quality. We use natural active ingredients from Thailand and other countries in our OEM products to enhance its effectiveness.

Our professional R&D expertise can also create a new formulation based on RPT Expert Eliminator, in accordance to your requirements, such as ingredients, texture, fragrance and color. If you want to create a cosmetic product similar to the product found the market, we can do benchmarking development from your reference product to offer similar attributes.

OBM Manufacturing service: RPT Expert Eliminator

We offer Integrated Original Branding Manufacturing service from the first stage of packaging selection for selected formulation to project cost planning and branding concepts such as designs, description to see the overall investment required to bring your idea to reality.

Design your brand, Logo & Packaging for RPT Expert Eliminator

Quality Plus team will assist you in selecting appropriate packaging for RPT Expert Eliminator product and guide you through the process of design for the packaging, in case you do not have designs. Alternatively, we can also manufacture and fill products into your packaging with your logos or design.

Document Registration for RPT Expert Eliminator

Quality Plus is not only manufactures the cosmetics product, we also offer document registration services (FDA, Trademark, Patent, Barcode, Certificate etc.) for our customers and skincare brand owners. We provide these services in Thailand and several other countries such as China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Clinical Test for RPT Expert Eliminator

Quality Plus having good business connection with cosmetic testing organizations. We also offer clinical test such as efficacy, irritation, microbial test and other test to our private labeling customer or skincare brand owner. Thus help our customer to have competitive advantage and trust worthy product for their inch market.

Distribution Support

Modern Trade

Quality Plus support doesn’t end once your product is manufactured. With our business connection with modern trade channel (eVogue, Watsons), we are able to support you in placing your product in the shelf and our team will assist you in the document process required for selling your product through modern trade.

Online Distribution

Quality Plus supports you by providing the Ecommerce platform, to list your product and reach the large audience in the market. We have our own Distributor Management System to help brand owners sell their products online.

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