Snow Ball


  • Cleanse the facial skin
  • Rejuvenates and firms the skin
  • Makes the  skin smooth and bright


Snow Ball is a comfortable soft facial foam without drying out the skin. Thoroughly cleans dregs, rejuvenates and firms to make your skin smooth and bright while enjoying the delicate soft cream. It can restore skin’s elasticity quickly and it is suitable for sensitive skin which is dehydrated and weak from pollution and sunlight.

Active Ingredients


Fills natural Hyaluronic acid to hydrate the healthy and youthful-looking skin. Helps retain moisture and keep skin restore itself well and quickly.


Protects and reduces the loss of water from air pollution, sunlight and oxidative stress. It changes Catabolic Pathway to Anabolic Pathway, which makes the skin supple with water. This will produce an important protein for the skin such as Collagen and Glycogen.


A gentle cleaning agent without drying out and skin irritations. Merged with SARCOSINE extracted from coconut oil; an amino acid found naturally in both animals and plants. therefore, it is gentle for all skin types.

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