Oxyresveratrol from Mahaad TreeOxyresveratrol from Mahaad TreeOxyresveratrol from Mahaad TreeOxyresveratrol from Mahaad Tree

Oxyresveratrol from Mahaad Tree

Mahaad Tree Extract - usage in Cosmetics and Skincare industries

Mahaad (Artocarpus lacucha) is a tropical evergreen tree of Moraceae family, found in the rainforest of Thailand's Southern regions. Studies and researches of Mahaad, found out that it is rich with biological and pharmacological properties, and a high potential to extract various important substances.

Mahaad Tree Core contains important substances of the Stilbenoids group, including:

  • Oxyresveratrol - has a 92% Tyrosinase inhibition activity.
  • Resveratrol - supports an inhibition of Tyrosinase Transcription, reduces the intensity of melanin pigment production and makes the skin looks radiant.
  • Flavonoid substances - including Artocarpin, Cycloartocarpin, Norartocarpin and Norcyclo Artocarpin.
Mahaad crust - Usage in Cosmetics and Skincare industry

Mahaad Crust

  • The research of Mahaad crust found substances of the Triterinoid group, including Beta-Amyrin Acetate, Lupeol Acetate, Tannin.

Mahaad Root

  • The research of Mahaad Roots found substances of the Stilbenoid group, including Lakoochin A and Lakoochin B, which can inhibit the growth of pathogenic tuberculosis bacteria (MyCobacterium Tuberculosis).
Mahaad Tree Crust
Mahaad Tree Core
Mahaad Tree Fruit

Mahaad Tree has a high potential and can be utilized in various ways, including the cosmetics and beauty industries.
Quality Plus Company reveals the value of Thai herbs and conduct its further research, implementing the Deep Biotechnology. The company cooperates with the Kasetsart University (Bangkok, Thailand) to research the active ingredients derived from Mahaad Tree, and supply the innovation to the global beauty industry.

  • Mahaad Extract (Artocarpus Lakoocha Heartwood Extract)
  • Resveratrol and Oxyresveratrol
  • Purified Mahaad Extract (Purified Artocarpus Lakoocha Extract)

Why choose Mahaad Tree extract?

Today consumers more and more concerned about choosing products, which are safe for the health and made from natural ingredients. Cosmetics based on medical plant extracts is highly popular, such as product for adding radiance to the skin, and make it looks healthy without dullness.

Natural extracts from Mahaad Tree have a high potential in further research and development due to its Anti-Tyrosinase inhibition ability, Free Radical inhibition effect (Antioxidant properties), Melanin Pigment reduction (Melanogenesis inhibition).

Advanced research of Mahaad Tree has revealed the presence of important substances, including:

  • Oxyresveratrol and Resveratrol with its biological activity in Tyrosinase inhibition, Tyrosinase Transcription inhibition and Melanogenesis inhibition.
  • Phenols and Flavonoid compounds that have anti-inflammatory effects, free radicals inhibition (anti-oxidant properties), metabolic enzyme (metalloenzyme) inhibition, pigment producing reduction by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme directly.

At present, Quality Plus Company has developed the research into the utilization of Mahaad Extract for commercial purpose, in collaboration with leading research institutes.

Properties of Mahaad Tree Extract

Anti-Tyrosinase enzyme Activity
Tyrosinase Transcription Inhibition Properties
Melanogenesis Inhibition Properties
Slowing down cell degeneration
  • Free radicals inhibition (anti-oxidant)
  • Tyrosinase enzyme inhibition
  • Tyrosinase transcription inhibition
  • Melanogenesis inhibition
  • Slowing down cell degeneration
Mahaad Tree Extract usage in Cosmetics and Skincare

Utilization of Mahaad Extract

  • Cosmetic industry: Mahaad Extract is a natural extract, that has antioxidant effect, inhibits tyrosinase enzyme and inhibits melanin pigment production. Can be developed into a variety of products such as products for sensitive skin, products for adding radiance, antioxidant products that help to fight free radicals, products with UV-B protection (UV-B), hair care products etc.

Oxyresveratrol can be utilized for following product types development:

  1. Whitening Product - Night Cream, Serum, Essence, All Day Allnight Care, etc.
  2. Anti-Melasma Product
  3. Dark Spot Corrector
  4. Scar Care

Further development of Mahaad Extract

At present, Quality Plus Company has developed the research into the utilization of Mahaad Extract and its important substances, in collaboration with leading research institutes from different countries like Canada, Brazil, Japan. If you are interested in joint investment to develop research with Quality Plus Company in the form of developing commercial patent in the field of extracts and branded products under your own brand, please contact us here.

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