Cosmetics Private Labeling

Our Cosmetics Private Labeling Services

We know cosmetics private labeling has a long process to create your professional cosmetic brand and you might not have an idea, so we're here to help with the product selection and setup process. Quality Plus as a cosmetics manufacturer, we offer original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and comprehensive original branding manufacturing (OBM) services, which is the integration of various related services to meet your business needs and to create value.

Cosmetics Private Labeling involves the following steps:

1. Consultation & Negotiation

Quality Plus team will assist you with brainstorming and consult you about the required product details, such as efficacy and packaging. Choose the potential products that would be suitable for your customer's audience and accept Quality Plus's minimum order quantity for private label.

2. Sample testing & Confirming

You will receive few samples of the product from Quality Plus team, to see feedback from your end-users and confirm the sample to proceed with the production.

3. Packaging & Design

Quality Plus team will assist you in selecting an appropriate packaging for your product and guide through the process of design for the packaging in case you don't have the design. Alternatively, Quality Plus can also manufacture and fill products into the customer's provided packaging with your logos or design.

4. Quotation & Payment

You will receive the quotation of confirmed product and packaging from Project Management Officer to confirm FOB price details for manufacturing skin care products. Make a payment for the project according to agreed payment conditions.

5. Production & Documentation

After the confirmation Quality Plus team will proceed to source packaging and printing designs from the suppliers. Also, apply FDA and other required certificate by the team to register your product in Thailand.

6. Delivery

Quality Plus taking care of product's delivery to the requested location within Thailand freely, and assists overseas customers in finding the shipping agent on their behalf to ship the products to their destination.

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