Logo and Packaging Design

Logo & Packaging Design are the essence of the brand owners to represent the company, its products or services, with a personality and an identifiable style that differentiates itself from the competitors. We provide logo and packaging design services to help in a brand image creation and identity of the product, to become outstanding and memorable with the form of design, emphasizing on quality of work for the maximum satisfaction of customers.

Most of the purchases are made spontaneously and a product, on-shelf, has just few seconds to grab the attention of the prospective consumer. We determine to create packaging designs that reflects the brand positioning, stands out on the shelf, that functions well to get customers attention.

At the first stage of the presentation we always provide 3D Design file, to review the overall design of the packaging, and then we provide mockups, so you can visualize the result to proceed for production step.

Different Types of Logos

  • Wordmark – a logo that uses letters, which can be abbreviation or full word, e.g. HP, VW, PHP, ATI, etc., as the design will utilize these letters to create outstanding identity appropriate for products or the company owning the trademark.
  • Symbolic – a logo that does not use letters to convey the meaning, but the design will use the symbols to imply the meaning instead, as they are suitable for each product or organization. Mostly, this will be symbolic mark for organization, institute, company, etc.
  • Combination Mark – a logo that uses combination of both - the image and letters in one logotype, which will convey better meaning than using the other formats, so that it is the most popular option.
Logo and Packaging Design for Skincare and Cosmetic - Wordmark, A logo that uses letters
Logo and Packaging Design for Skincare and Cosmetic - Symbolic – A logo that does not use letters
Logo and Packaging Design for Skincare and Cosmetic - Combination Mark – A logo using combination of image and letters

Brochure, Poster & Standee

In addition, our graphic team also can create brochure designs that are informative and attractive, that match with your brand concept to stand out in the crowd, excite, and deliver a strong message. We always use original, imaginative illustrations and top class photographic images from reliable source like shutterstock and other sources.

Brochure, Poster & Standee design for Skincare and Cosmetics
Standee design for Skincare and Cosmetics
Poster design for Skincare and Cosmetics

Logo Packaging & Design Brief Form

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