Product Consultation


You know that you want to have your own skincare product under your desired brand name but you don’t have idea to create the presentable finished product with story for your target customer. Our Project management team will support you with our practical experience and show you some reference products for your information. We can also help you or your reference team in brain storming to come up with new ideas and concepts, including growing your brand or your range of existing products.

The product idea and concept is from the ' product benefits' that the customers want.  The product idea and concept can be product benefits below:

  • Basic product benefits - physical characteristics (such as Size, shape, colour), chemical composition, sensory qualities, active ingredient value and safety features.
  • Package benefits include price, value for money, ease of storage, use and disposal.
  • Psychological benefits include premium, normal, aesthetics and healthiness.


We have wide range of standard skincare product formulations formulated under the guidance of ISO 227716 to meet your criteria and requirements for your interested product. We use natural active ingredients from Thailand, Japan, Switzerland and other countries in our OEM products to enhance its effectiveness.  Our standard skincare formulations are went through in-house testing product such as stability test, compatibility test, irritation test and so on to ensure product is safe to use and is of quality.


Product packaging selection is one of the significant and influential elements to present your product to target customers.   Besides the appearance and appeal of your product, packaging options also provide functionality, product stability and are competitive in price. Our project management team can help you to select appropriate packaging material, packaging type and alternatives to match with your product category. With experience of sourcing packaging with leading suppliers in the industry, we are able to get quality packaging choices and we will even source custom molds for a one-of-a-kind look.

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