• CFDA Registration Service in China

CFDA Registration Service in China

Need professional FDA Registration Service in China?

Each foreign business owner intended to enter skincare and cosmetics market in China, must apply for CFDA Registration, to obtain the required products registration certificate. To do the CFDA registration work in China, the foreign cosmetic manufacturers should appoint a local registration agent.

In China, Cosmetic product are categorized into:

  1. Ordinary cosmetics, including products for Hair care, Skin care, Makeup, Nail / Toenail care and Perfumes, etc.
  2. Special Cosmetics, referring to those used for Hair growth, Hair dye, Hair perm, Hair removal, Breast shaping / massage, Body fitness, Deodorant, Spots fading, Whitening, Sunscreen, etc.

Registration Time Estimate:

  1. Ordinary cosmetics: 4 – 6 months;
  2. Special Cosmetics: 6 – 12 months.

CFDA Application Dossiers List:

  1. CFDA Registration Application form;
  2. The Applicant's business license;
  3. Certificate of Quality Management System (GMPc, ISO9000, ISO22176 Certificate, etc.);
  4. Letter of Authorization issued by the Applicant to its CFDA registration agent in China;
  5. Free Sales Certificate or other Marketing Approval Certificate in original country;
  6. The cosmetics product formula table;
  7. The product quality and safety control standards;
  8. Statement of undertaking on the not use of raw materials involving high risks substances (such as BSE – mad cow disease);
  9. The risk substances safety testing or assessment report (such as Dioxane, phenol, acrylamide, methanol, etc.);
  10. Product original packaging label and Chinese label;
  11. The sealed intact product samples.

If special purpose cosmetics, still need:

  1. ) Proofs and evidence of product’s efficacies / functions;
  2. ) Details of the production process, Diagram flow chart, etc.

If OEM situation exists, need:

  1. ) Notarized copy OEM contract (can black the sensitive information);
  2. ) Or a simple OEM agreement signed by both parties is acceptable.
    Note: Our CFDA registration experts can prepare the application dossiers, correction, preview and other necessary services for obtaining CFDA.

Apply for CFDA Registration in China

Quality Plus provides CFDA Registration with our reliable local agent, for those skincare and cosmetic brand owners who want to register their products in China. Our local agent in China will assist you in preparing documents and process involved.

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