• Myanmar FDA Registration Service

Myanmar FDA Registration Service

Need professional FDA Registration Service in Myanmar?

FDA registration is required for any cosmetic products imported into Myanmar, to ensure that the reseller or distributor bring to the market the quality and safe product.

Myanmar FDA registration should be submitted in advance, before importing the cosmetic product in the market by the local distributors or the reseller. FDA Regulations in Myanmar are strict and require detailed procedures for registering the product, until the completion of the registration.

We offer Myanmar FDA Registration service to the brand owners, for registering their skincare and cosmetic products in Myanmar. Our local business partner in Myanmar will assist you in preparing application documents for Myanmar FDA and have in-depth knowledge about the process involved to deal with FDA department of Myanmar. Brand owners can be assured in the success, if you let us handle the process and matter with Myanmar FDA.

How long does it take to register FDA in Myanmar?

The lead time required for submitting product FDA application and receiving the FDA Certificate can vary widely. Generally, FDA Certificate should be obtained in 30 days from the day of processing the application.

Apply for FDA Registration in Myanmar

Quality Plus provides FDA Registration with our reliable local agent, for those skincare and cosmetic brand owners who want to register their products in Myanmar. Our local agent in Myanmar will assist you in preparing documents and process involved.

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