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Need professional FDA Registration Service in Russia?

Certificate of conformity indicates that imported products fulfill with Russian standards, quality, and safety requirements for end users. Any foreign cosmetics want to do market in Eurasian Economic Union (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia) must apply one of the following certificates: 

  1. Necessary certification
  • CU TR Declaration of conformity
  • State registration
  1. Voluntary certification
  • CU TR certificate of conformity

Technical regulations of Eurasian Economic Union are similar to Directives, covering the requirements of the entire product’s life cycle. Each technical regulation is supported by GOSTs (set of technical standards) and other standards in terms of product-specific requirements and testing methods. 

Practically all cosmetics products require Declaration of Conformity apart from next categories:

  1. Tanning cosmetic;
  2. Whitening cosmetic;
  3. Tattoo cosmetics;
  4. Intimate cosmetics;
  5. Pharmaceutical skin care products;
  6. Child cosmetics;
  7. Hair coloration products;
  8. Hair Curler and straighteners cosmetics;
  9. Cosmetics with nanomaterial ingredients;
  10. Depilation products;
  11. Skin Peeling products.This list of products requires State Registration.

How long does it take to obtain Certificate of conformity in Russia?

Estimate time: in between 1 – 2 months.

Apply for Certificate of conformity Registration in Russia

Quality Plus provides Certificate of conformity Registration with our reliable local agent, for those skincare and cosmetic brand owners who want to register their products in Russian Federation. Our local agent in Russia will assist you in preparing documents and process involved.

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