Thailand FDA registration

FDA Registration for Skincare and Cosmetics in Thailand

Thailand FDA registration is required for any cosmetic products manufactured or imported into Thailand. Our experts will help you to obtain required FDA Certification and FDA Number for your skincare and cosmetic products.

General information about Thai FDA

Thailand FDA registration should be submitted in advance, before importing your cosmetic products in the market. Thailand FDA regulations and procedures are very strict from the moment of submission for registering the product, and until the completion of the registration. The time required for submitting product registration application and receiving the Thai FDA document can vary widely. Generally, it takes 14 days to get your FDA application approved.

Thai FDA Cosmetic Categories

There are three categories of cosmetics classified by the Thai FDA according to the ingredient content of cosmetics:

  1. General cosmetics: cosmetics containing no controlled or specially controlled ingredients;
  2. Controlled Cosmetics: controlled ingredients content of a cosmetic product will require product notification to FDA before it is allowed to be out in the market;
  3. Specially Controlled Cosmetics: specially controlled ingredients content of a cosmetic product will require registration.

Apply for FDA Registration in Thailand

Quality Plus offers FDA Services in Thailand to the brand owners for certifying the skincare and cosmetic products. Our experts have in-depth knowledge about the process involved to deal with Thai FDA Application. You can be assured in the success if you let us handle the process and matter with Thai FDA.

Our team will provide you the list of all required documents to submit your FDA application. All the information will be confidential between brand owners and Quality Plus. Quality Plus prepares application documents based on given information and submits an application to Thai FDA Office.

FDA Registration Service in Thailand

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