• Vietnam FDA Registration Service

Vietnam FDA Registration Service

Need FDA (CFS) Registration Service in Vietnam?

Any cosmetic product imported into Vietnam must go through the procedure of cosmetic product proclamation before being marketed. For exporting skincare and cosmetics, the exporter needs to obtain the Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) of any product meant to distribute in Vietnam.

Enterprise or distributor agent, distributing the cosmetic product on the market are only legalized when being approved with the number of cosmetic product proclamation, from the authority agencies. Enterprises and distributor agents who are responsible for placing products in the market, have their name written in the cosmetic product announcement dossier, have the responsibility for cosmetics product in the market, and must obtain the license for doing cosmetic business in Vietnam.

Apply for CFS Registration in Vietnam

Quality Plus provide the services, such as CFS registration in Vietnam with our reliable partner as our Vietnam representative office in Ho Chi Min city, Vietnam for those Thai and international brand owners who want to registering their cosmetics product in Vietnam. Our representative office team will assist you in preparing documents and all processes involved to deal with department of medicine under the ministry of health of Vietnam.

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