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Want to import your cosmetic products to Thailand?

Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd. - Your reliable partner for importing cosmetic product to Thailand safely.

With our experience in cosmetic market we will guide you through the maze of import regulations. The import process can be difficult for those who unfamiliar to Thailand regulations, even for seasonal importer. Our import services will handling all the process for duties, documents, shipping procedure etc. to bring your product from another country. So you don't need to hassle on the import process and can focus on the business.

As your trusted skincare and cosmetics manufacturer, we offer you the delivery in any part of Thailand. For the skincare business owner that would like to export to other countries, we provide consultation services with our professional team, to make your export process become easier. Quality Plus has a manufacturing facilities covering 1.6 Acre land with capability to store the products ensure that the products are being deliver to the customer safe and of high quality without any defect or damage on products.

For Thai brand owners and oversea customers who are do not have forwarding agent, we are willing to support you to find the most appropriate and most cost efficient means of transporting your goods to the location of your choice. Whether it is with DHL, EMS or Fedex, Air Freight or Sea Freight, you can be sure your consignment will arrive safe. We support you with all necessary documentations to process for the exporting goods to your mentioned address.

Import Cosmetic Products with Us


We will guide you through all the legal documents for importer.

Save Time

Let us do the work for you, so you can focus on the important things on your business.

One Stop Service

We provide not only shipping services, we also give customer consultations on Distribution Channel, Repacking etc.

What are the documents required for skincare and cosmetics importing in Thailand?

Quality Plus team will provide you with the list of all necessary documents to do the importer process. The information will be confidential between the brand owners and Quality Plus.

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